Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First post and Packing list.

Ok, so many of you know that Erika and I will be going to Honduras tomorrow to start our week long journey from San Pedro Sula Honduras to Guatemala City, Guatemala. Once in Guatemala we will be meeting a group at the airport for the second week of our trip for mission work. We are very excited for both parts of the trip but havent done as much planning as I would have liked but as we all know, God has a plan for us even if we dont have one for ourselves. I have included a picture of all my gear and a detailed list below of what each item is (each number matches the number in the picture).

1.) Camera and misc camera equipment, 17-45mm lens and lensbaby
2.) GoLite midweight down jacket.
3.) 1pair of pants, 1pair of capris, 1pair of shorts that double as swim trunks
4.) Tent (Mountain hardware PCT2) and tent poles. Consequently we cannot carry tent stakes
with us because we are not checking any bags, so when we go to set up our tent we will have to be very inventive.
5.) Kelty 25deg. sleeping back and sleeping back liner.
6.) 2pair of travel underwear (they dont get stinky, not even with me).
7.) 2pair of ultra light weight wool socks
8.) 2 long sleeve shirts and 2 short sleeve shirts
9.) North Face Rain jacket
10.) Keen hiking sandals
11.) Chaco flip flops
12.) Rain cover for my backpack
13.) Toiletry bag
14.) FirstAid kit (we have also included some supplies that we have aquired in nursing school)
15.) Travel Towel
16.) Books (Shadow of the Silk Road, Journal, Bible)
17.) Head lamp
18.) Sigg water bottle
19.) Osprey Atmos 35L backpack (thats right, everything you see here fits into that bag, my dad tought me how to pack real well).Well, I think thats it, there are a few things that we will need to get once we get there like, soap block for washing clothes, probably a knife, maybe some food. But I think I pretty much covered it. So we are going to finish up packing and hit the sack cause we have to leave at 7am for the airport. Thank you for all of your support and we will keep blogging as we have access to the internet.


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