Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 1. San Pedro Sula to Santa Rosa

OK everybody, we have safely arrived in honduras but not acording to our original plan. we woke up this morning at 5am and dylan took us to the airport. we caught our flight to miami and found out that shekena was also on our flight, so after we all got something to eat in miami(which was very sup-par), we went our separate ways, her to DR and us to honduras. We got on our plane to honduras and had a very uneventfull flight, after arriving in Honduras we cleared customs, took some money out of the ATM and then found a taxi driver to give us a ride to the Metropolitana Terminal de Autobus (the bus station). When we got there we found out that we had missed the only bus that went to our first destination, Gracias, so we had to come up with another plan. Our options were to stay in San Pedro Sula for the night and get on the but the next day but we didnt really want to spend the night there becuase we have heard that it is a bit dodgy at night. So we decided to catch a bus west and go as far as we could take it to get a little closer to Gracias, and get out of San Pedro Sula. After we got on the bus we waited around for it to fill up for about 20min and then headed off. At first it was pretty hot and we were driving on pretty curvy mountain roads that make NC roads look like a drag strip. With the heat, curves and not being able to see the road very well, I started to get pretty sick. I did manage to hold off vomiting all over the bus until we got off, so that was a plus. We made it all the way to Santa Rosa de Copan which was actually pretty good considering we thought we were still going to be in San Pedro Sula. Once we got off the bus we had to make our way to town which was about a mile from the bus stop and try to find a place to stay. Since we were not planning to come to Santa Rosa we didnt really have any places off the top of our head. So we searched our guide book and found two places that are right next door to each other. The first place we wanted to go to looked really nice but there was no door to be found. We could see people upstairs in their rooms but we had no idea how to get up there, it was frustrating. So we settled on the place right next door, which actually had a door, called Hotel el Rosario for about $5 for the night. There is one toilet and one shower that is obviously not in the room, its shared. The shower only has a curtain separating naked you from everyone outside so you have to be very careful not to let that thing fly open. The beds sink in more than a water bed and the light tents to flicker more than actually light the room.

We just went out and grabbed some food, since we had not eaten in almost 10hrs with little to drink, and now we feel much better. Our eyes are growing weary with every strike of these keys so we will be going to bed very soon. Our plan in the morning is to catch a bus from here to Gracias which is only 1.5hrs away and if we get there early enough we will probably start our 2 or 3 day hike up Montana Celaque, so... if you do not see anymore blog posts for a few days, dont freak out (Im talking to you mom). We will be ok, i think, but still keep us in your prayers that we have a good time and experience God in some unique way while were on the mountain. Well, I am signing off now and may or may not have a chance to blog before we are out of internet for a few days.

cody and erika

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