Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 10

Today started out the same way yesterday did; wake up, shower, eat, drive to construction site and start working. Although Erika did wake up pretty sick today with a cold, she is pretty upset because she wants to be able to help but I know everything will be fine. Once we were at the construction site we started working on the house again. Today was mostly putting up metal on the sides and roof of the building. It took us most of the day to complete that task but when we were done it was very rewarding. After we finished we all sat inside the house with the woman, Maria, who was staying there and she told us through tear filled eyes how much what we did meant for her. She had been praying for a miracle for over a year and she said that we were that miracle for her. WHAT?? Miracle? no way, we just came in and build what most people in america would consider a tool shed. It was tough to accept that but after she was finished she did something even more amazing. She left for a few minutes and came back with an 18pack of warm coke and stale cookies for us all. We figured it out and all of the food and coke cost her more than a weeks pay, and she gave it to us. It was very touching and I realized that she was there for us just as much as we were there for her. It was hard to leave but we had to get back to the hotel. The night was filled with more food than we could eat and then a short worship. After worship everyone wanted to go to McDonalds to eat. Erika and I did not go because we are in a third world country and here for mission work, why on earth would we go to McDonalds. We have so much here on this mission trip, it is a blessing but makes you realize how much we really have. Going to bed now for some much needed sleep. Tomorrow we are climbing a Volcano called Pacaya so that should be fun. Pray for safety.




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  1. What an awesome experience that you will never forget. Truly God is Great! That type of experience is what we've been asking God to give you guys. So sorry to hear that Erika hasn't been feeling well. Give her a huge hug for us, and we'll be praying for her. PS you have a sister in law to be. Its official Jesse asked Shelli Friday nite!