Monday, December 22, 2008

first couple days in MA

After we left the air port and got on our first "stand by" flight, we knew we were off. after we arrived in Baltimore and realized that we had to wait for another stand by flight we were a little worried that we wouldnt make it. But God worked everything out and we arrived in Boston at 11:30. After getting our bags, which were the last two bags to come through the system, we went to the bathroom and then outside to await Erikas mothers arrival. It seemed to be about 40deg below zero, but realistically it was probably in the 30's. A great change of pace (or temperature) from the orlando heat was very nice. We drove 20min to Ruby Tuesdays, where Alexa (erika's sister) is a hostess. We sat down and ate some delicious lunch and about half way through, looking out of the window, noticed that it had started to snow. By the time we left the restaurant there was a thick layer of dusted magic on the ground, and it was falling hard from the sky. We drove back to the appartment and hung out for the rest of the evening. Alexa just got a kitten who is quite fun to play with (much better than Killer, sorry mom), his name is Mogley Noah and love to bite ears and sleep with his paws up in the air.
The snow came down for days, amazing. We did some running around and got the oil changed in the car. We took a little detour to the mall to exchange a watch that erika had purchased a while ago. There were way to many people rushing around that place and we could only handle it for a short time.
Yesterday (12-21-08) we decided to go cross country skiing, and that was an interesting journey. Driving through the snow and ice it took us about 20min to get to the "ski track" which is a golf course that gets converted into a XC ski track in the winter.

After we got our rentals and I realized how incredibly narrow my skis were, I thought maybe there was a mistake, maybe these were erikas skis. I needed the big ones, ones that were at leaset as wide as my foot, these were not. After I clipped into the bindings it felt like I was standing on two tight ropes but I thought to myself, "I run, I ski, Im fairly athletic, this will be cake". Well, it was not cake, it was like trying to walk on ice with feet that were 10 times larger than your used to. As I started "walking" with my skis following the direction of my foot, going towards the trail I started realizing that this was not as hard as I thought. I slipped my ski's into the small, narrow track that was blazed by previous enthusiasts, took a step and started gliding. "this is easy", I thought, untill there was a curve. Nobody ever told me that we had to turn on these narrow "death traps". Well, they are skis, so I should be able to turn them like regular skis, right? WRONG!! aparently you have to pick each ski up and make small turns with each one until you get around the curve, I did not know this. As I started leaning into the turn, like on downhill skis, my body began to turn, but the skis stayed straight. Needless to say I was a little arrogant and the snow decided to teach me a lesson and I ended up on the ground, for the first of many times that day.
Erika and I with our ski tips in the air, shortly after this, Erika was on the ground... Great success!!
Alexa and I after we started to get the hang of this strange sport.
Erika, Larisa and Alexa

Me skiing up a hill toward the clubhouse

Erika thinks she is all cool because she can actually stay on her ski's.

More of erika thinking she is cool... She isnt cool, she is awesome!!
Larisa, Erika, Me and Alexa

Some tree's in the snow;)