Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 1: Bahia Honda State Park, FL Keys 10/24/08

Erika and I decided a couple of weeks ago to try and plan a trip to the Keys for our October break, with many hurdles to jump over we finally made all of the necessary arrangements for our rendezvous with the southern most state park in the continental US, Bahia Honda. We planned on leaving on friday around 2pm, so naturally we pulled out of orlando around 5pm (just to start the trip out with a bang). After a long 7hr drive down the FL turnpike, and paying more money than the state knows what to do with in tolls, we arrived in the keys. Night had fallen upon us quite sometime before but the city lights had kept us on our desired path. As soon as we left Marathon, and boarded the famous 7 mile bridge everything got dark, real dark. The water was only a few feet below us, yet there was no sign of it anywhere. There was no moon to light our way, and only a few scattered street lights to suggest our whereabouts. Knowing the water was there was not enough, we wanted proof, we wanted to see it. And without warning, just at the moment we needed it the most, a powerful flash, igniting the entire ocean, atlantic and gulf both. This was just what we needed and just when we needed it. We finally got to our campsite and just as we stepped out of the car, what started falling from the sky but those little drops of liquid that makes everything more interesting. Rain seems to make the process of setting up a tent more hasty and less enjoyable than it should be. As we crawled into the tent there were hundreds of little sand mites that were attracted to our lights and followed us inside. So all night long there were tiny bugs jumping from limb to limb and permitting us little sleep.

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