Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 3: Bahia Honda State Park, Fl Keys 10/26/08

After another hot and rainy night, the sun was finally shining in all of his glory. We made breakfast out of eggs and beans, which might sound a tad bland but was actually very delicious. We had to change campsites so we started breaking down the camp, which was just one tent. This only took a few min. so we headed down to the rangers station to make the switch but apparently were early. Our new campsite was still occupied so he told us to come back in a few hrs and it should be open. We went down to the little store to try some of their famous root beer that our dean of housing told us was the best root beer in FL. He was wrong, it was the best root beer in the entire world. It was creamy and drifted down your throat like a mud slide of carbonated goodness. After our soda adventures we walked to the south end of the island, where Erika saw her first wild iguana, and snorkeled for a bit, then layed on the beach until we were supposed to be back at the rangers station. After a long process of waiting on our campsite we discovered that a site right next to our old one had just opened up, which was a blessing because we really liked that side of the island.
As soon as we got to the campsite, I snapped a quick picture and we headed back out to snorkel. The sun was out and the water was clear so we had high hopes that we would see some great sea life. Erika saw her first octopus and shortly after that, a ramora started following us. Erika seemed a little aprehensive about this strange looking fish following us so closely, so I explained that they wont hurt, but they might suck onto your leg for a free ride. This was almost like giving the thing permission to attatch itself to Erika. After a couple hrs of snorkeling, and Erika giving this ramora a free ride, we decided to head back in where Erika drew on the beach and I just watched the ocean. We waited for the sun to go down and then made dinner. With food in our bellies and fully saturated with sun, we headed to bed.

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