Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 4: Bahia Honda State Park, Fl Keys 10/27/08

After a good nights sleep we woke up to a cold, windy and cloudy morning. Although the sun was prescribed all day, he decided that a lazy morning was due, so he just slept in. Since it was so cold we decided not to get in the water and headed back down to the south end of the island. We walked up onto the old bahia honda bridge, which used to be part of the Florida East Coast Railway build by Henry Flagler in 1912. After the labor day hurricane of 1935 destroyed most of the bridge and gave the broken railway the nickname "Flaglers Folly", the foundations became the basis for the current overseas highway "US-1". We walked around a little more until Erika found some dangerous things to climb, I took a picture and then went my own way because I did not want to be there to whitness her falling.
After lunch, the sun awoke from his lengthly slumber, poked his head out from behind the clouds, gave us a great big smile and came out to play. We went for one last snorkel, then came back to shore in search for sea beans.

After we took some pictures and walked around a little while, the sun was heading back down towards the horizon and the clouds were lining up for what appeared to be a great sunset. I was wrong, it was MAGNIFICENT!!.
After a long walk to the bridge, we arrived just intime to see the last few min of the sun setting behind the bridge.

After the sun had completely set and it was dark enough that we could only see car headlights, we made our way back to the camp for some more rest before our long trip back to Orlando.

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