Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nicaragua Day 5

This morning we woke up and started packing our bags for Leon. After grabbing breakfast, more rice beans and fruit, we said good bye to stacy and went to find the bus to Managua. Stacy is heading home tomorrow so she decided to stay in Granada for the day and go to Managua on her own to catch her plane back to the states.
Preparing to leave The Bearded Monkey
After a pretty uneventful bus ride to managua, we made a quick transition to another bus headed for Leon.
Looking out of the back of the bus to Leon
The back of the bus seems to put you in a tired mood!
After making our way out of Managua we got on some long straight roads toward our next destination. Our bus driver, and all the other people on the road, do not have a problem passing other vehicles, even if there are other cars or busses coming at us. They just pull into oncoming traffic and hope that everyone gets out of their way, which luckily for us they did. We even passed two police officers in their trucks with no fear of citation. The land was dry and the animals seemed weak. We passed tons of brick factories, which werent really factories, just people on the side of the road making bricks by hand. After about 2hrs of driving we finally arrived in Leon where we walked around the whole city a couple times before we found our hostel. It is so hot here that even sitting in the shade (or sitting inside in the air conditioning) you can get a sunburn. We are staying in a place called The Big Foot hostel and it seems to be a pretty nice place, but I think we all agree that the bearded monkey was more relaxing.
The Big Foot Hostel
(if you look closely you can see Obama on the TV in the corner)
Tonight they are having a Ragee´ band come and play for the hostel. It is apparently a pretty big deal because there is a group from San Juan Del Sur who drove all the way up here just for the band. We found out that most of the group is actually from santa barbara CA so we have a little in common. Two of the guys are living in San Juan Del Sur and making houses out of tires and plastic bottles for the locals and showing the locals how to do it themselves. After getting settled into our new home, we went out to find some food. After walking around the city one more time, we ended up two doors away from our hostel where we ate rice and beans for 35cordobas. We found a pretty big super market and got some food that we can cook in the hostel to hopefully save on food expenses. Now we are just laying around the hostel waiting for the Ragee´ party to start, and apparently we arent going to get much sleep tonight but I guess thats all part of the experience, right? We are hoping to get to the coast tomorrow and maybe even surf a little if the conditions are condusive, but for now its all about rest and rejuvination.

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