Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nicaragua day 3

1:20pm- Well, i woke up this morning at around 6am and had pretty bad stomach pains, i thought it was just bad gas so i ripped a few good ones and went back to bed. around 7am i woke up again and this time i knew it was more than gas. I waddled to the bathroom and had a pretty good bowel movement, it was still pretty firm. it made me feel better and thought that was the end of it. at about 8am, the feeling came back and this time i knew i had ¨the rhea¨ (diarhea). I spent a few minutes in the bathroom pooping and praying. this was not what i had in mind when we planned the trip. luckily though there was still some firmness to my ¨matter¨, it was not total liquid and i still had my appetite. So i layed down for a few minutes and then we all went across the street for breakfast. We payed 45 cordobas ($2.25) and got a full plate of rice, beans, eggs, home made cheese, bread and a huge plate of fresh fruit (watermellon, cantelope, papaya, and the sweetest pineapple ive ever had). we also had fresh mango juice and coffee.
Our breakfast
In the midst of all this food (and for so little money) i slowly forgot about my stomach. After we ate we came back to the hostel to be lazy and try to plan our next destination. my stomach is still a little upset but it seems like it is getting better. James 1:2-3 ¨Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds. for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.¨ Sometimes this verse is hard for me to swallow, i just want to be angry that things are not as perfect as i planned, but i know that God is working and He will never put anything in our way that we cannot handle as long as we give our problems to Him. We are thinking about heading to San Juan Del Sur tomorrow and hang out at the beach for a little while (God willing we can surf too). We dont really have any plans but that is what we are thinking. As for today, we will resist the urge to exert our tired bodies and stay close to town.

9:50pm- False alarm, i actually just had Diahrea, probably from all of the pizza the night before. i feel fine now and have been walking around all day. So hopefully all is well in the land of my bowels. We really did not do much today, just relaxed and walked around a bit. We started walking around trying to find a post office so erika could mail some post cards back to the states. After passing the post office twice, we realized that it was closed, so we stopped at a little shop owned by an american woman who sells free trade merchandise. We hung around her shop for a little while and played with her dog, whos leg was broken and had a pretty bad limp, but he seemed to get around ok. We walked around trying to find something to eat and dylan stopped at a small vendor to get some food. once he started eating he realized that there were fried pig skins in it. This did not seem to deter him until he realized that there was still pig hair attached to the skin. That was the end of that meal and the beginning of the search for another. We aimlessly walked around the market and finally ended up back at the hostel. After laying around for a few hours, Dylan, Anna, Erika and I decided to go and find some food. We ended up at a small place called Roticerio. We all ate pretty good for only $2.10 and left with happy stomachs. While we were eating we tried to learn some German from Anna but with english and parts of spanish running through our heads, it was pretty tough. We are back at the Bearded Monkey right now and everyone is starting to settle down. We are talking about going to a place called le leguna tomorrow where there is a beach and water, it should be a pretty cheap day. We also met a girl named Joe (we think she is english) who might go with us as well. keep us in your prayers and we will do the same.


  1. so sorry cody. try to find activated charcoal tablets or powder. take about 10 tabs. that should help. and don't let yourself dehydrate. cabeesh??

    tell dylan to check his email. it's vip. love yas, mom

    p.s. thanks for being soooo graphic!!!!!

  2. Sorry son, we had to be very careful when we were there. You are turning into quite the journalist. Congratulations on the engagement and all. You know how pleased and excited we are for you. I know that you have asgels that excell in strength around you because I asked HIM for it, so you guys will be fine. I am just figuring this blogspot stuff out. Lov e you guys and have a great time there. P S we also washed all our fruit in clorox water before we ate it. The restaurants should be washing it well but these american stomachs don't have the bacteria in them yet to resist certain new bugs so be careful. Did Dylan get his message from Mom yet about his debit card?

  3. tell dylan that ive tried to post 3 messages on his blog but cant they disappear. I have one now its lifentimesofjerrymcclung@blogspot thought we would start keeping track of our adventures your mom and I. i know i am a dork and our life is boring compared to you guys but gotta start somewhere. hope your having great day