Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nicaragua Day 7

Last night was a little cold (there are no walls in the coco bar letting in all the wind) but we still slept very well. I woke up this morning to the sound of waves crashing on the beach just a few yards away from where we slept. The sun was just creeping up over the horizon so I got up and walked along the beach while everyone else slept.
Erika curled up in her hammock
A view of the Coco Bar from outside
The footprint of america
Just packing our things
Carlos working on a board that a local broke!

Carlos told us this morning that he was planning on opening his bar tonight so we could not stay there anymore, we were kinda bummed cause it was such a nice place to sleep but we understood and ended up finding a room at a place called the Barca De Oro (loosely translated, boat of gold). We ate breakfast there and about half way through, the owner came to talk to us. Apparently there was a mistake and they only had 3 beds available. She said that since it was their mistake that she would let one of us sleep in a hammock for free. FREE? we were ok with that. We accepted and finished our food. We put down our bags and took a nap for a little while since the temperature had risen to an uncomfortable degree. We eventually made it back to the beach and got in the water for another hour or so, and had much fun in the waves and sun. We got out and walked down the beach for about a mile and then back. Erika still wanted more sun so i stayed with her while dylan and anna went back to the hostel. We layed on the beach while the golden rays rained down onto our bodies until we were full of this sweet fruit called sunshine. We went back to the hostel and rinsed our salt soaked bodies in some fresh water and then lounged in some hammocks until it was dinner time. We walked down the road about 40ft to a small bar and ordered pizza which took a very long time to make, but when your at a place like this, your never in a hurry. We got back to the hostel and are now just waiting for the town to settle into the night and permit us sleep.

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